Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave (PFL)

The DBL insurance policy, used to be the smallest of insurance policies. Now that it includes PFL, it costs more -  and I want to make sure you know the benefits.

This policy is mandated by NYS, and the rates are the same for all businesses.

2021 Changes in Benefits:

PFL is now available for up to 12 weeks of benefits (available in increments of just 1 day at a time)

The pay is 67% of payroll, up to a maximum of $971.61 per week.

2021 Premium

For 2021, the price for PFL coverage has almost doubled from last year. The new rate is .511% (versus .27% last year). Note that the rates are set by the state and is the same for all businesses in NYS.

However, this shouldn’t cost your company anything. The premium can be deducted from the employees’ paycheck. Confirm with your payroll company that it is set up correctly for your employees.

Other Important Notes about PFL:

To be eligible for benefits, employees must be working for the same company for at least 26 weeks since they were hired or rehired.

Part-time employees (less than 20 hours weekly) are eligible after 175 days worked.

While usually returning to the same company after a period of unemployment is considered a rehire, there is an exception for rehires for unemployment due to COVID-19. 

Coverage for Company Owners:

If your company is a Corporation, owners are automatically included. You should include your payroll when completing the invoice and you may claim benefits for yourself.

If your company is an LLC or a sole proprietorship, you need to file a special form if you want the owner to be covered. Reach out to us so that we can help you set it up. This is important to do right away or a 2 year waiting period for benefits may apply.

Reimbursement to Companies

Companies have the option of continuing payroll with no interruption for employees who are out on PFL and instead claiming reimbursement (67%) to be paid to the company. 

Other changes this year:

PFL coverage is available to employees who are sick with COVID-19 and are required by a government entity to quarantine.


There’s a lot more to be said about PFL, but this is more than enough for one day. Reply with your questions, and I’ll try to answer it in a future email.